Thief & Barrel Tasting Room


Address: 42257 6th Street W #302, Lancaster, California



About Thief & Barrel Tasting Room:

Thief & Barrel was always part of the bigger picture of Wine Resources LLC. So often, you have great wine makers, small lot, boutique, garagiste who are offering a wonderful product, but have nowhere to share, pour or sell. So often, they are busy with their “full time gig” and have little to no time to market their own product, or it’s cost prohibitive. Plus all the state and federal rules that are set in place and now have a long-term commitment just trying to dig your way through the paperwork before you can even think about getting to the point of opening a location to pour your wines.

Thief & Barrel was created with all the issues and obstacles in mind. We want to offer the boutique wineries a place to call home or even a 2nd tasting room to assist them in reaching their audience.

Our goal at Thief & Barrel is to carry a vast array of wines that will fit many different palates. To introduce people to new wines and even the wine makers. We are not a “wine bar” but we are tasting bar and plan to give you great options and help with a bit of education along the way.

Thief & Barrel will be offering our AP’s (Alternate Proprietors) a great alternative to opening their own tasting room.

A short list of benefits would include:

  • Rent
  • All utilities
  • Employee(s) to work the tasting room, winery, packing and shipping.
  • An Alternate Proprietor Rep to maintain your best interest at all times.
  • Temperature Controlled Storage for your product as it is sold through the Tasting Room, Home Wine Parties and Wine Club.
  • Temperature alert system that constantly monitors cold storage and will alert you via text or email at the same time we know.
  • Independent Contractors, with significant wine training, to represent your wine at home parties.
  • Your wine will be included in full social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other promotion and media efforts, for every avenue of the business, to include Wine Resources, Thief & Barrel Tasting Room and Wine Flights Home Parties).
  • Inclusion in our websites, to include opportunity to purchase your wine via our website.
  • Full management of shipping all wines ordered, Direct to Consumer (DTC).
  • Inclusion in our Wine Club Offering.
  • Opportunity to schedule time to come out and pour your wine, talk with people and host a “Meet the Wine Maker” event at no additional charge.

For more information, visit our website.