Morgan Ridge at Mosman's Country Steakhouse & Bar

Morgan Ridge at Mosman's Country Steakhouse & Bar

Event Details: 7:00pm - 11:00pm | September 15, 2018 @ Mosman's Country Steakhouse & Bar | Add Event To My Calendar

This Saturday, September 15th, we will be performing at the amazing Mosman's Country Steakhouse & Bar in Lancaster, California 
With JOEY SCHNEIDER joining us on stage,

🎶 Great Food, drink and music!
We hope to see ya! 

Morgan Ridge is a dynamic American Country band. Playing modern and traditional Country cover songs with an infusion of Classic and Southern Rock classics along with  fresh new originals, Morgan Ridge brings exciting talent to the stage. With top notch players and solid vocal harmonies, Morgan Ridge delivers a sound and style all their own. Foot Stompin', Hand Clappin', Funtime Dance Music! Morgan Ridge is a Country concept idea from a true modern Appalachian pioneer - Jason Napier, and a Mid-Western redneck by the name of Jeff Nelson and their bandmates. MR is about the good ole' days of Country. When Burt Reynolds was on the run with boot-legging Semis and Sally Field was riding shotgun. When the jukebox required quarters. When CB Radios were our Internet. If you're looking for a theme - we live it. Morgan Ridge started as a social club, and still remains that today. Often coined "The Ministers of Mission Hills", these boys have seen more than a few sunrises together. The idea was simple - Country Music - in its purest form. Everyone agreed. Now here we are - working through our differences, with Johnny Cash as our Jesus.

Admission Details: 46645 60th St West, Lancaster

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