2019 Super Bloom - Plentiful Poppies

It's a magnificent sight to see. With the recent desert rain, California is covered in a beautiful blanket of deep orange as a wildflower Super Bloom takes over. The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is one of many areas to see the sights and everyone is making time to witness its glory. It is truly a sight not to be missed, however, laws are being broken and we want to help our readers with a small list of do's and don'ts when it comes to our precious state flower. 

Do bring your family! Explore the reserve, memories like these are irreplaceable, however, please watch out for snakes. This is the home of the Mojave green rattlesnake and with warmer weather, they are likely to be out in the open. Most bites happen when rattlesnakes are accidentally stepped on or provoked, so watch your step and steer clear. 

Do bring sunblock, water, snacks, and a sweatshirt. Out in the open fields, it can get windy and cold. Poppies close up in these conditions, so it's best to wait for warm weather, but if you find yourself out in the open, it's best to be prepared. 

Do take pictures! Capture these gorgeous moments and share them with your loved ones.

Don't pick, step on, lay on or otherwise harm the poppies or any flower on state land. It's illegal, and detrimental to our future generations. Please be respectful of our flowers and their land, this includes taking any trash you may have brought with you. Littering is just as harmful and just as illegal.   

And last but not least...

Don't land your helicopters on the poppies. 

There, we said it, the California Poppy Reserve has said it, and just about all the news stations have said it. 

Help the Reserve, preserve.